I bought some lights in preparation for recordings. I also set up a projector and played around with looping the computer camera to the projector which projected on me. Very hard to get the right effect. Have a look at the experiment below. Very crude. And in this case the projection was recorded: I recorded my face before, and then projected it upon me, which my phone captured from the side. I can’t get the right balance of live camera and reflective projection; the complexity of size/angle, and lighting beyond my capacities and tech.


Projective Viewing

The idea is to project live onto myself. It should create an interesting visual effect. A bit like jaxing, where you loop your voice into your listening of some music. There is a slight delay, which may be artificially increased. There’s a sweet spot where one really does become aware of what one is saying as one is saying it. I tend to surprise myself by what comes out. The camera-projector is a variation on this. And it might be useful to play around with this wrt to the viewer, who might then bring into question their projective processes, what they see, what they interpret, what they co-create, or construct. Creating that meta-positionality is important.

Which leads finally to the plan.

The Plan

Combining the last few posts, Academia, Atemporal Fallacy and Light Show, we start to get the idea of what I am up to. I hope to record the various system solutions I have developed, with some background material on how I came up with them to support them. And perhaps some meta commentary. The idea is to bring all the systems together and within one hour describe the super-system, which is inconceivable by any one of us.

It is important to stack the systems, embody them, practice them, all simultaneously. It is not just about pointing out some thoughts, at arms distance, or laughably at telescopic distance. It is about the viewer, like the reader in reflexive reading, being concurrent. And it is about my communicating or sharing in such a way which embodies this too. It is a thing to practice, so that the actual talking/listening is consistent with the larger scale tools we are using, such as sqale, or the fiction being created in Urb, and the exploration in maths with XQ or with business people.

To perform all this over a potential ‘viewership’ of twenty years. A bit like Harry Sheldon of Asimov’s Foundation. The idea is to iterate this over winter, perhaps only to the end of 2020.

Imagine people who might be able to develop the skills if they entertain the possibility of multi-system change in 2021, they will be formidable practitioners by 2030, let alone 2040. Earth-Time-Zero, etc.

Invent some practices, like equinox all gathering to concurrently exist, meditate or attend to specific things. Not quite a ritual. Or the simple math of π^20; requiring only just over 3 people over a year to ‘see’ the possibility; in 20 years, the population of the earth.