The Wisdom of Not Knowing


I do not bullshit, nor offer false hope or pretty solutions. I do not sell, nor offer convincing arguments or regurgitate the pap written in books. I am not spiritual, fluffy, or optimistic. I do not engage to be liked, nor to be paid. What power I have is rooted in presence, experience and the courage of not-knowing.

Meet an equal. Though you may have position, I give you the positionless complement. As a mirror, I reflect the social space. What you see there will test your thinking, your perception, your sense. What you do as a result, is up to you.


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When walking into a new building, meeting a new person, or engaging a complex system, I draw attention to the obvious. Experts, because of their specialisms, become lost in overwhelming detail. They forget the obvious, the simple, the essential. I name what I see, and I see simply and presently, even if we are dealing with complex issues beyond our individual mind’s capacity to compute.

From the iChing


“Of the honoured and highly placed, there are none greater than those who possess wealth and rank. Nevertheless, with respect to creating things of use and making tools helpful to the whole world, there is no one greater than the wise.”

“Writing cannot express wording completely. Wording can not express thinking completely. Are we then unable to see the thoughts of the wise?”


“The wise sets their person at rest before they move; they compose their mind before they speak; they make their relations firm before they ask for something.”


The Challenge of Fellowship.

about me

Inviting me to a conversation, is to invite challenge. It is not a personal thing. It is a consequence of where I am.


about you

Whatever position you hold in business, science, sport, music, education, governance, you got there through your own competences, your own efforts, your own motivation to seek excellence, and ensure the job gets done.


The Space Between Us


You have position, I have not. You have possession, I have not. You have money, I have not. I do not wish for position, possession or money. In our differential is power. Rare are those who realise the power between us. Harnessing it, putting it to action, is the challenge that will benefit you and your organisation.

We live in challenging times. I embody the changes necessary, as do you. Between us, we embody the power to change the entire course of history, from how we conduct business, govern ourselves collectively, to how we further science and influence culture. The deeper we go between us, the higher the degree of social change, the greater the rate of moneyflow.

Let us engage for an hour. If you value my simplicity, at whatever level of system you wish to engage, we will realise the potential between us. Otherwise we will not. Simple.

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