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Part 1


Thanks for watching!

Please return to Sqale to Value and Comment so that the person who shared this with you can see your Value and Comment. It is like a mini-review which will help everyone else who see this video. Please do this before proceeding onto part 2.

Your decision to watch part 2 is entirely yours. You owe no responsibility to the person who shared this with you, or me the author of the video. This is the source of our individual power, the moment we each of us occupy between past and future, the internal state of personal evaluation and judgement, and the transition from what our friend thought and felt and valued and what you think and feel and value.

Part 2



Thanks again! Please return to Sqale before watching part three, to organically Share this with people you know who might value this. Sharing before watching part 3 changes how you experience part 3.

Your decision to Share is the source of our social power, the active means by which we influence the social stream within which we are in. Our evaluation may influence others who come across our review; your Organic Sharing is directed and conscious and active, requesting attention and time from those we know. Choose well!

Part 3

Your decision to watch part 3 is a collective decision. What results from our collective viewing  is social change.

Feel free to use this structure of three parts to invite others to evaluate, co-create, and explore a natural way of sharing and making a world we all wish to live in, for all our children and their children in turn.