Hello World

This is my attempt to invite you to a new world, a world of our own making. I present myself, the tools I have invented throughout my life, and how they may help us create a world fit for humanity to call home.


Who We Are

It’s a ‘We’ thing.

Not just me and the folks I know who have developed the tools. Not just those who use the tools, those who take part with their own tools, nor any small group of ‘we’.

The ‘we’ that is all of us. We as a global unity, the human family.

Until we realise ourselves as an embodied ‘We’, as a global unity, this reference to ‘we’ is predicated on your ability to hold this in your mind. As you read this and I write this, this is merely a fictive or imaginary ‘we’. However, even this fictive ‘we’ may have effect if we know how to use it together. This imaginary ‘we’ which you contain in your mind can combine with my imaginary ‘we’, such that we operate a greater degree of trust between us. We explore the tools which support this ‘we-ness’, that can help strengthen the social fabric around us, and thereby manifest an embodied ‘we’ which may eventually scale to all of us.

This core psychological ‘we’ is more powerful than joining any bounded ‘organisation’ so far created, whether within political, economic, or religious settings. This ‘we’ is not something we need to join. It is a way of manifesting the We of global unity without membership. There is no boundedness to it. Like blood is not in service to the heart or any specific organ, so we are not in service to the organisations we identify with, religious or political or corporate. Each of us in service to the whole body of humanity. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’.

Part 1

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Part 2

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part 3

Everyone who ever has and ever will watch Part 3 has created a shared space of non-judgemental, authentic co-creation. We will have funds to distribute to participants. Please return to Sqale to Rate and view comments to co-create what’s next.

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