Observation on the tournament based on Armagetron.


I documented this fairly well back in 2006. Needs upgrading. Basically, 1,000,000 players who organise themselves over a few hours to determine the winning team. ‘Entry fee’ of $1, means $1 million prizemoney distributed to players (about half), admin officials for trusted servers, developers and retrospective payments to originators (the other half). I can see these games being played weekly. For us to be playing 1 million tournaments weekly, there’s probably a larger player base capable or willing to play monthly, perhaps 10 million.

Yes, big numbers.

Player Rating

The current system for setting up games is Pickup through Discord channel. There’s an algorithm which seeds players in order to make the teams balanced.

A simple system involves calculating a player Rating based on their position in Tronic tournaments. On the old forums some players added a record of their Ladle and other wins in their signature.

Could placement in the ladle derive a value. Like seeding. The lower the better. Getting to the finals is 1, semis 2, etc. The idea is to make it scalable. As new players enter and ladle increases, so the rarity of Q1 increases, and ratings increase to Q10 with around 1k players, Q20 with 1m players. (Based on teams of 8, I don’t know base 6 off-hand).




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