Observations on getting on the grid, the player journey, for the game Armagetron.

Barriers to Entry

Far too many barriers to entry: join discord, learn pickup script, use defunct user to authenticate; then when joining server, authenticate — not through in-game menu but through code in chat (not console).
Ideally, a new person downloads the game, hits multiplayer, picks a server on the list, and default is they are on the grid. Currently, a player joins as spectator, in fact all settings are from the Ladle tournaments, to ensure orderliness of play. But not appropriate to give new people the experience of play. Probably best to create grid if first player, spectator if anyone is on the server playing already.

Team Green Room

I like the idea of a green room, which Discord currently operates. Put yourself in a random team, or a private clan green room. Once team is formed, you are pulled from wherever and materialise on the grid. On the server list.

How-To Videos

We need to smooth this out. We may also wish to consider promotional material, how-to videos. I’d rather it is easy, just folks sharing. A little more like twitch videos than ‘promotional’ videos. More like podcasts.


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