Observations on playing the game of Armagetron.

Game Balance: Individual-Team

Balance between individual and team. Because there is no ‘ball’ which introduces a certain degree of chaos, everything is exact and fully determined by players. Their skill level is phenomenal. A player likened it to fencing. There is teamwork, but it is often a match between individual players.

Evolution of the Game.

I listened to a  blogpost  (45 mins in) where another person returning to the game from ten years ago, Concord, predicted the next evolution of the game is double-teaming or triple-teaming. I had thought more would evolve, but apart from holes, double-defence, plugs, which I was present to in 2009, perhaps only bottles have appeared, a variation of plug.


Had the idea of players choosing a setting which linked rubber, acceleration, speed. The idea is to have different types of bikes. Those who wanted to be faster and play ‘at a distance’ versus mazers who perform intricate close-range sumo. The game tends to the latter.


Watching 100th Ladle from 2015, and recently backed up by watching interminable 1v1 sumo. I like a challenging 1v1, but with the skill levels of players the drama is stretched out too much.

(mute sound)

Defence might be altered. Shorter tail length. Someone suggested getting rid of tail shrink, I’m not sure what that it is. To increase the chances of cuts. The only sure-fire way of gaining advantage is holing. Hard to crack a reasonable defence. Shrinking takes too long.

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