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A List

  • Adopting real-world in digital-world
  • Tronic Cup online competition
  • Academia: legacy of text
  • Sqale enables value-tracking across multiple digital channels

Real World Legacy in Digital Engagement

Attending an online conference, a workshop with Social Informatics academics: Workshop, Part 1: Sociotechnical Change Agents: ICTs, Sustainability, and Global Challenges (SIG-SI, SIG-SM, SIG-IEP), and it became clear that they were talking about trends.

Because of the proactive attitude of anthropologists from last week’s conference, about building tools for social change, I asked whether there were people there doing this. And further, whether they were changing the institutions they were in. Radicals.

Most of it was chat about problems of engaging institutions, or adopting different tech themselves.

I asked whether they had come across any tech which allowed them to track value across channels, or even from break-out rooms to larger presentations. Nothing.

I extemporised. I remembered how I created a self-organising tournament for Tron. They had tried to run them in the past, and failed. I realised they were importing real-world problems, basically how to move people around so that they all arrived at the same place. This is not a problem with virtual. The issue was timing, that was all. And I had the simple suggestion that we needed to trust players to turn up on time. The resulting system was very light, and worked so well it continued for years. Perhaps we were doing the same with virtual meetings: trying to import real-world organisational problems to the virtual world, eg organisations, ‘companies’, and ‘positions’.

This guy involved in AI ethics said that academics have been communicating virtually for centuries. Exactly, I said. Text was appropriate for people separated by miles and across time. This is no longer our problem. And yet, conferences are mostly people reading articles at each other. What?!

I was always bored with conferences. Didn’t understand them. It wasn’t about sharing information. It was about making decisions together.

So, no answer to any tech which can transfer value from digital channel to channel. Well, nothing of scale. Literally, someone said ‘scale’.

Actually, the AI guy sent an article pointing at China’s reputation attempt. And another participants talked about studying people’s online behaviour, and then seeing if it alters output of work relative to the same group’s work in the real world. Nobody seems to get what I am talking about — live, engagement with people, and minimal ways to track value, including comments.