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Paradigm Shift in Listening


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This is part of a bundle of videos which are attempting to zone in on ‘We-ness’. Here’s the rest of the  videos in that playlist.

Seeking Documentary Makers

I can’t be bothered creating a specific card for this video. If I do, I’ll link it here.

The basic idea is to put it out through the network, and someone is going to step up at some point. The earlier the better.

Seed, Shoot, Plant

This is the meta, so that we get the idea of how anyone can go from an idea to team formation, to social test. I think this can be tightened, integrated with ABC State. The standard order of three parts of Value, Share and Support are suited for presentation, more like a lecture, and the creation of a non-judgemental space.

This seed-shoot-plan has a different sequence which operates a different social purpose: from idea to crowd-sourcing, to crowd-testing. It is invitational. Perhaps we should call it the Invitational, or innovation, or co-creative protocol?

Social Neuron

As described, this is a very rough brief of what is required. If you are interested, get in touch. I’ll post a specific link to this video here.

Action Cycle

This is an example of the Seed Protocol. I present the basic notion of the card game, which is quite well developed in this case. Folks are invited to take part in Part 2, where the exact rules are gone over, and perhaps people have variations, responses etc. And then anyone who wants to sets up a real world Action Cycle in an organisation (or a network), and we record it as Part 3. The documentary folk might be interested in this material; obviously the more professional the better.

I’ve created a specific card for this on Sqale. And I’ve added this video to the Action Cycle site.

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